Trout Fishing


Renowned as the world brown trout capital, Gore takes on an international feel between October and April, when anglers from all over the globe come to the Mataura River and its tributaries, to pit their skills against the wily brown trout.

The Mataura  River has a worldwide reputation for being one of the best trout fishing rivers in the world.  This is due to the fact that it has the highest population and catch rate of any river in New Zealand.  It is also famous for its hatches and spinner falls and is the best ‘match the hatch’ fishing in New Zealand.
With easy public access, plentiful fish and water so clear it is often described as ‘gin-clear’, the Mataura Valley is a ‘dry-fly Mecca’, and Southland as a whole, an angler’s paradise.

Local NZ Professional Fishing Guides

New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association is the National body representing fishing guides throughout New Zealand.

The Fishing Guides Association advocates on behalf of members with Government and other bodies, promotes guided fishing trips, investigates complaints and disputes and communicates with members via a regular newsletter.
New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association adheres to the highest ideals of angling ethics.
The Association has a strong focus on sustainable fisheries management within New Zealand and works with many fishery managers and environmental groups to protect and enhance rivers and fishery habitats.


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